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Mathspeak is an idea for a course book for intermediate learners of English.

A book which teaches the English used in mathematics


We want to tell you about Mathspeak...


...such as the structure known as the Zero Conditional...

for example:

If a equals b and b equals c then a equals c.

mmm.... your statement is axiomatic.


Is that something no-one can deny or is it a machine for cutting wood?

Mathspeak uses humour...

I dreamed I was weightless. I was like...


Sometimes Mathspeak is thought provoking...


Because Maths is all about finding solutions to problems by thinking...

and if we did more of that maybe there would be less of this...

0Chonga4.jpg0trucka.jpg0wara3.jpg0Chonga2.jpg that pi in the sky?


The characters on this page appear throughout Mathspeak in light hearted sketches that demonstrate the language of mathematics.

In addition to these four young performers, a different celebrity guest features in each chapter. You learn how to express mathematics in English and also something about the guests, their lives and ideas.


Mathspeak is not conventional...

...because it reflects the weird world of Mathematics...

Well, where else can ninety people buy ninety kilos of bananas and no-one ask why?


And anyway, where would we be now if our famous guests had been conventional?


Florence Nightingale (Graphs)

Big Brother (Algebra)

Leonardo da Vinci (Geometry)

Albert Einstein (Physics)

Sherlock Holmes (Proofs)

Wild Bill Hickok (Probability)

Alex Pepperberg (Arithmetic)

Pythagoras (Numbers)

Click here to download a PDF of Unit One. Have a look at it (whether you are an English learner or EFL teacher) and let us know what you think. Send comments to Thank you.

Coco Chanel (Finance)